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If you are hurt, Pallitto Law, LLC will be able to evaluate the situation and determine who can be held liable. Efforts will be
made to get you the full and fair compensation which you deserve after having been involved in an accident that was caused by
someone else’s negligence. It may take some investigative work, especially if multiple entities could be held responsible and therefore have to
compensate you for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. An incident can involve multiple defendants. For
example, if you slip and fall on a patch of ice in a shopping center’s parking lot, the property owner, landlord, and maintenance company might all be responsible for your injuries.
It all depends on who was responsible for contacting the maintenance crew to salt the parking lot and if the crew
blatantly ignored orders.

The most common personal injuries include the following:

  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries and concussions
  • Displaced wrist and ankle fractures
  • Nerve and spinal damage
  • Knee damage
  • Brain Bleed
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Slip, trip and fall accidents are often caused by dangerous property conditions that create a trap for unsuspecting persons.
Many times, these conditions can lead to serious and debilitating injuries, especially when the elderly are involved.
Pallitto Law, LLC has handled many fall cases involving business and restaurant owners, residential and commercial property
owners, retail store owners, apartment complex owners, and landlords.

These accidents can occur in many ways but the typical incidences usually happen from objects left carelessly lying in the walkway of the injured person; failure to remove snow and
ice, construction defects in stairs, floors and ramps or when an unexpected hole develops on the walking surface. Our firm will promptly and thoroughly investigate these cases, while preserving the key evidence before it disappears. Often times, a security camera will have captured your fall, and we can file a motion with a judge to force defendants to save and preserve this key evidence before it disappears. Additionally, an engineering expert may be utilized to show the defect in the property and to prove that the condition was unsafe. Quick and decisive action is the key to proving and winning these cases.

There are many types of injuries caused by slip and fall accidents, Pallitto Law, LLC will be able to evaluate your case to determine the amount of compensation you deserve. Whether you believe you suffered an injury or not, it is always important to seek medical attention following a slip and fall accident. Being able to show a jury or the defendant’s attorney medical records stemming from the accident will make it easier to prove your case. Aside from helping your accident lawyer build a strong case, your doctor will be able to provide you with the best treatment plan possible for your injuries.

If you are a victim of someone else’s irresponsible actions on the road, you have the right to recover for pain and suffering, disability and impairment, lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and the loss of enjoyment of your lifestyle and activities.

At Pallitto Law, LLC, we understand how pain impacts you and can effectively communicate that to jurors and insurance company adjusters, so they understand the impact that it has on your life. Lost wages often play a big role in personal injury lawsuits stemming from serious motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, employees simply cannot return to work to do their normal jobs. In other cases, employees can return to work but only at reduced hours or reduced work duty, which also results in lost compensation. We understand the impact that lost wages can have on your household finances and the stress caused by being out of work.

The medical bills caused by a car, bus or truck crash should not have to be paid by you or your loved ones, especially if someone else caused the crash. In many automobile accident cases, medical bills are paid under the PIP or MedPay portion of your car insurance policy up to the limits of insurance that you selected. That can leave you having to pay expensive deductibles and co-pays and when your insurance limits are reached, you are responsible for the bills. Medical bills, even for one visit to the emergency room, can cost you thousands. Pallitto Law, LLC will fight to ensure that those liable for your injuries pay for any medical bills.

If you have been the victim of simple or aggravated assault, you have the right to file for damages against the perpetrator. This would be in addition to any compensation for medical expense
which may be received in the criminal process, if any. A civil claim can include reimbursement for medical expenses, loss wages, damaged property, as well as, future pain and suffering.
Pallitto Law will help recover from the perpetrator and vigorously fight your claim in civil court.

There is no greater loss than the death of a loved one.  And there can be no greater honor than to have the trust of a family that needs answers. We understand the long-term effects that an accidental death will have on a family and we know the stakes are high.  There is no margin for error in holding those accountable for your losses. We promise to try to find out what went wrong. Representing families that have lost their loved ones requires experience, tenacity, and talent.
The New Jersey Survival Act allows recovery of damages from the time of the harm until death. The Wrongful Death Act allows the heirs to recover damages and losses inflicted upon them because of the death of their loved one.

  • These damages may include:
  • Conscious pain and suffering
  • Medical bills up until death
  • Lost wages from the time of injury up until death.
  • Punitive damages may also be recoverable depending on the case

Any proceeds recoverable under this part of the case will get distributed to the heirs in accordance with the deceased person’s will. If there is no will, there is a law which determines how much each heir can recover. The Survivor Act claim (pain and suffering of the decedent) is brought by the Executor if a person dies with a Last Will or the General Administrator of the Estate if a person dies without a Last Will.

The wrongful death action is the part of the case that allows the surviving family members to recover for their losses that are associated with the death. These losses typically include the economic value of the loss of guidance, advice, and support as well as lost companionship and security. Lost wages are also recoverable. However, the mental anguish for losing a loved one is not recoverable under New Jersey law.

Animal bites can be serious cases, often resulting in significant scarring and injuries. New Jersey recognizes injury claims for people bitten by dogs and has enacted a law that specifically protects persons from dog and animal attacks. As a Municipal Prosecutor, Ms. Pallitto has prosecuted many of these cases and is fully familiar with the laws surrounding liability
for vicious animals. In almost all cases, the owner of the dog or animal is automatically responsible for any bites caused by their dog or animal regardless of the owner’s conduct in trying to prevent

the bite and regardless of whether the owner knew or should have known the animal would bite. New Jersey is a strict liability State when it comes to dog bites. That means that dog owners are automatically held responsible for the actions of their dogs when they bite someone else, even when the dog owner may not have known the dog would bite and even if the dog had never bitten anyone before. Others can also be held responsible for dog attacks, including landlords, dog sitters, or business establishments that allow dogs to be on their premises but only the dog owner can be held strictly liable for a dog bite or dog attack. Against others, you must prove their conduct was negligent, (unreasonable conduct) and the unreasonable conduct caused the dog bite injury.

In almost all cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy for the dog owner pays for the homeowner’s attorney and pays the settlement. With respect to business establishments or landlords, the claim is almost always paid by the general liability insurance policy maintained by the business. If you or a loved one has been attacked by an animal, contact Pallitto Law, LLC and we will review your case at no cost.


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