An expungement provides an individual with a mechanism to remove charges from their criminal records.  Every arrest is recorded, even those resulting in a dismissal.  Do not let an indiscretion of your past impact your future.  Have your criminal record sealed by court order.  This is increasingly important in our world of advanced technology where everything is merely a google search away.

Effective October 1, 2018, new amendments to the New Jersey expungement allow for an increased number of convictions, as well as, shorter waiting times to file your expungement.

Felony convictions can now be expunge in six (6) years, instead of ten (10).  However, Early Pathway, which includes only a five (5) year waiting period can still be applied for.

Individuals with no felony convictions.  Four (4) disorderly persons/petty disorderly persons convictions may be expunged.

Individual with felony convictions.  Three (3) disorderly persons/petty disorderly persons convictions may be expunged.

PTI admission no longer impacts the ability of a person to expunge convictions both before/after PTI.

None payment of restitution or fines is no longer a factor in the time tolling of eligibility.   Any outstanding balances would result in a civil judgment.

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